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About Us

About Us

Our Aims

Sapphire Community Housing aims to provide quality accommodations to young vulnerable BAME children and single mothers in London. We aim to offer Transitional Housing, Shelters and Permanent Housing for young children and mums 0-16 years. The criteria for living in the Sapphire Housing Accommodations is that the applicant is in need of support to maintain their accommodation. In addition, after a period in supported accommodation, many people make the successful transition to independent living. We will work in partnership with other support agencies and stakeholders, we help residents in our supported schemes to develop the life skills they require to live independently in the community.

Established to help young people access work & accredited training

The Sapphire Community Housing was established to help young people access work and accredited training. Aiming to increase young people's independence, abilities and freedom to thrive, all while reducing unemployment, mental health issues, crime rates and homelessness. We work with our communities in London through various enrichment activities to support young people's personal and social development. We help provide opportunities for young people to engage in activities that are challenging but also enjoyable and fun. Our main focus is to support young people in developing the skills that will help them shape their own future. All of our programmes are created in consultation with young people. Also, through our programme, young people have access to adult mentoring, peer mentoring, volunteering opportunities, access to work, training and development workshops, field trips and inspirational speakers. Our workshops provide specific sessions in interview techniques, CVs, and preparing for your first day. Young people may see a job they like posted daily to our WhatsApp group and mailing list; they then have a pre-job interview and are appointed to a position. Currently, we are working with over 30 organisations offering young people access to work and career development.

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Our Aims

To provide quality accommodations to young vulnerable people in London. We aim to offer Transitional Housing, Shelters and Permanent Housing for all BAME single women and children in the UK

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