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Sapphire Community Housing aims to provide quality accommodations to young vulnerable BAME children and single mothers in London.

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The Sapphire Community Housing

The Sapphire Community Housing was established to help young people access work and accredited training. Aiming to increase young people's independence, abilities and freedom to thrive, all while reducing homelessness, unemployment, mental health issues, crime rates and homelessness.

Sapphires RBG's Key Activities

Housing Services: Some would say that the core function of housing associations is to manage their stock and tenancies- letting, maintaining and dealing with tenancy issues. Most would accept some responsibility for wider community issues, including anti-social behaviour. A small number also provide (or enable through third parties) supported housing. With the current imposed cuts in our budgets, many associations have become less involved in meeting the needs of a low income tenant base (focusing less on, say, affordable warmth, disabled adaptations and financial inclusion activities). For us, all of these services are integral parts of who we are as an organisation.

Community Services

We have key specialisms in Domestic Violence (e.g. women's refuge, a counselling service), Young People (e.g. transitional support, excluded groups in school, youth activities, and training), Vulnerable Adults (e.g. single men and women moving back into mainstream life), Worklessness (eg training, placements and volunteering) and, increasingly, specialist Elderly provision. All of these areas are funded through public sector contracts or charitable funding, all currently under threat. It will be difficult over the next few years to sustain a wider community role, beyond that affecting specifically our own tenants.

Our Aims

To provide quality accommodations to young vulnerable people in London. We aim to offer Transitional Housing, Shelters and Permanent Housing for all BAME single women and children in the UK

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